We Love What We Do
Wallis Urethane Foam Inc. Serving the North Central Texas Areas

Wallis Spray Foam was started in 1997. We were one of the first Urethane spray foam providers in Parker and surrounding counties. Since 1997, Wallis Spray Foam has continued to provide Urethane services for residential and commercial markets in the North Central Texas area. Our company is based in Weatherford, Texas where we have a reputation of providing a professional, customer oriented service. Wallis will approach every job as its most important and complete the service in a timely manner. We only do the best quality service and no job is considered too small or too big.

Wallis Spray Foam has an exceptional reputation and we want our customers to be satisfied. We consider every job to be incredibly important to the customer and Wallis will look to provide the best quality service available. We do not skip corners or provide less than what is expected in our service. Each job is gone through professionally and we want our customers to be pleasantly surprised by the service we provide.
Our passion for a high quality service comes from our years of experience and pride in our work. Being one of the first providers in Parker county we have seen that our passion and pride in our work has elevated our service above others. We promise value and customer satisfaction above all else. There is a difference in the job we provide. We want our customers educated on what they should expect from us so they can hold us to the highest level of satisfaction.

Wallis has stood the test of time in the Spray Urethane service market by maintaining its high level and high quality service, since 1997. We always look to educate our customers on what to expect and why Urethane foam is beneficial to their needs. We welcome all questions and want to instill trust in our company before the customer has Wallis provide a service. The customer-contractor relationship is an important one. We know that our relationship with a home owner or contractor is the foundation for our business to be successful. We have a long list of satisfied colleagues and customers.

Wallis has been also providing commercial services in the areas of spray insulation as well as, commercial urethane roofing applications, TPO Membrane roofing and Commercial and residential Pressure washing services. As our customers need grow, Wallis looks to provide services of value.

Our customers satisfaction and comfort with the work provided by Wallis is our biggest motivator.